Red Velvet shows off their pure live vocals in dance practice for “Huff & Puff” and “Dumb Dumb”

Red Velvet showed off the full choreography of their new hit track “Dumb Dumb” in a recent live broadcast airing, dressed top to bottom in their stage outfits.

Broadcasting live on September 13th, the girl group was in their dance practice room simply decorated with red lockers and chairs. The girl group stated, “As you can see by our location today, we will unveil the choreography to ‘Dumb Dumb.'”

With the music playing in the background, the members can be heard singing along to the track with steady and powerful vocals as they energetically dance to the track.

Not only did they dance to “Dumb Dumb,” the girls reveal the choreography for their B-side track “Huff & Puff,” which they have been performing additionally on their comeback performances.

Source: TV Report