Red Velvet Tries Freestyle Rapping And It’s Everything You Imagine It’d Be

Red Velvet is known for being one of Korea’s top pop groups right now, but they proved that they can be quite a hip-hop group as well!

On a recent episode of MBC Idol Men, Red Velvet came on as guest stars and showed host Lee Sang Min their rapping abilities. 

Wendy started things off with her multilingual rap, which featured some French!

Seulgi tried her own version of a diss track, opting to diss herself rather than call someone out. 

When it was Yeri’s turn, she made sure to let everyone know that despite her amazing British accent, he’s actually Korean. 

Lead rapper Irene was a bit shy, but like always she impressed with her lovely voice.

And to end it all, Joy composed her own little piece about her lovely members! 

While it doesn’t look like Red Velvet is going to try a hip-hop concept any time soon, it sure looks like they had a lot of fun!