Red Velvet’s Irene glares in disapproval at smoker

At a recent event, Red Velvet’s Irene showed her disapproval of inconsiderate smokers through her eyes. 

Photos showed that while the staff and the other members of her group were getting ready, Irene noticed a man smoking in public near her and her group. As the man inhaled from his cigarette and proceeded to hold the cigarette behind his back, Irene was clearly uncomfortable with the situation.

At first, the SM Entertainment singer merely glared at the man, but then proceeded to cover her nose and mouth as well, signaling her disapproval. Fans notice her actions and showed their sympathy and support for her, as well as their disapproval towards the smoker. The photos can be found below:

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[+ 690, – 7] Man I can feel her hate ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ she should have

[+ 653, – 7] Honestly the guy in the picture is digusting how dare he smoke like that infront of none smokers.

[+ 580 , – 35] I became a fan after I saw this image.Look at Irene’s fave she must HATE smokers.

Source: Pann