Red Velvet’s Irene Under FIRE After Allegedly MOCKING Her “FAT” Manager

In addition to being one of the top visuals in the industry, Red Velvet‘s Irene is also known for having a kind and caring personality. 

However, after seeing an interaction between the SM Entertainment singer and her manager, female netizens have criticized Irene for allegedly being rude to the manager. According to a post on Instiz, after her manager’s running caused the floor to move around her during a recent event, Irene called her over to complain. And although the then proceeded to joke around, many female netizens have claimed that Irene was criticizing her manager’s weight and only played it off as a joke because she realized fans were watching. However, fans have come to Irene’s defense, noting that the Red Velvet member and her manager look close to each other, and were likely just playing around.

Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!

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“Stomp stomp”

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“Unni! I could hearing stomping sounds whenever you run!”

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“(Stomp stomp)”

“She probably told her not to run making loud noises”

“Manager looks like she has a great personality”

“I think I would have the same reaction as the manager”

“I know that she is close to her manager but I don’t think she is nice.. I would never be able to say something like that since it might hurt them”

“It is true that Irene has a sensitive personality… She even says things to her members closing the door too loud”

Source: Instiz