[★TRENDING] Red Velvet’s Joy reveals she thinks Sungjae’s lips are sexy

New virtual couple, Red Velvet’s Joy and BTOB’s Sungjae, are off to a great start as Joy cutely revealed her thoughts on Sungjae!

On the June 20th episode of We Got Married, Joy and Sungjae met each other for the first time as a couple. Even though they had already found out who their partner would be prior to the meeting, they were both still very nervous for the first meeting.

While their first meeting was cutely embarrassing, Joy surprised Sungjae by admitting that she likes guys with sexy lips, saying, “Oppa, I like that your lips are sexy,” causing Sungjae to be further embarrassed and flustered.

Watch the couple’s first meeting below, and look forward to more cute moments between this couple in the future!

Source: Herald Pop