Red Velvet’s Seulgi praised by netizens for her no double eyelid look

As photos of Red Velvet’s Seulgi, who is known for her monolid, emerged, netizens gathered to discuss her look. Although plastic surgery is common is South Korea, specifically towards the construction of double eyelid, a number of many idols and celebrities are known to have preserved their natural beauty.

In a post originally titled “No Double Eyelid Appeal Seulgi,” netizens discuss her captivating beauty and monolid, further praising the singer for her natural looks.

Here are the direct translation of the post and discussion.

 “No Double Eyelid Appeal Seulgi”

“No double eyelid beauty Seulgi has finally come home~ >.<“


“Did her baby fat not go away yet?? haha Her cute cheek fat~ like a hamster”


“I thought she was Irene for a second.. I guess she is starting to become like her since she is always with her”


“So innocent looking… so pretty 🙁 I didn’t know she was this innocent looking”


“It is especially game over when she laughs….. <3 “




 “She seems like an innocent college student ~~

Due to her no double eyelid, she has a similar image like Sohee”




“She is such a pure woman. At first I thought she wasn’t going to be popular

but never! She is the prettiest in my eyes.. Her no double eyelid appeal hehe..” 


“hehe~ She laughs like a baby that makes me feel comfortable inside”



“Seulgi, this unnie really adores you~

So never get double eyelid surgery even if your life depends on it~~~~”

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 3.28.36 AM

[ +81 / -2] Her face has such a unique appeal… She is pretty enough and doesn’t need double eye-lid surgery…

[ +74 / 0] I really like Seulgi’s look. She is skinny, long, good bye and has a unique and innocent face without double eye-lid. If I could get rid of my double eye-lid to look like her, I would get rid of it.

[ +73 / -2] What are all those haters saying? She looks pretty enough without double eye-lid. Please look in the mirror before you speak.

Source: Pann