Red Velvet’s Yeri and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri battle with different concepts

Red Velvet’s Yeri and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri have been pitted in a battle of concepts following their vastly different looks at ONE K.

The two girl group members are widely loved for their individual as well as group activities and caught attention for their extreme concepts as they special appearances for ONE K earlier this month.

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri sported a short bob hairstyle with bangs and a theme of black. Her silver and gold accessories paired well with her patterned skirt and sexy crop top that revealed her slim figure and long legs.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s Yeri represented the other side of the spectrum. Her hair was tied into pigtails with colorful loose strings and her cap was lined with rainbow streaks. Additionally, her oversized long-sleeved shirt combined with her small figure and adorable smile perfected the cute concept.

Other attendees included AOA, SISTAR, BTS, EXID, Wonder Girls, EXO, and KARA.

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Source: Dispatch