[★BREAKING] Rookie boyband HOTSHOT involved in minor car accident

Rookie boy band HOTSHOT was involved in a car accident on the afternoon of December 6th while heading to Ilsan after the filming of MBC’s Music Core.

The group was rear-ended around 6:20PM KST, and thankfully were not hurt too badly. Soon after, they continued with their scheduled fan meeting at 7PM KST in Ilsan, showing their dedication and keeping their promise to their fans despite having just been in a car accident.

While the members were not seriously hurt, they are currently in the hospital being treated for minor injuries, and are being monitored for post-accident concussions.

HOTSHOT’s agency, Ko Sound, revealed in a statement, “The members were involved in a car accident, and are currently in the emergency room at Illsan Baek Hospital and are being checked on. Member Hojeong is currently suffering from jaw pains and is receiving a CT scan, while the other members’ injuries are minor.”

HOTSHOT, consisting of members Junhyuk, Sungwoon, Yoonsan, Hojeong, Kid Monster, and Timoteo, has garnered much hype as their debut approached, with Kid Monster’s teaser and previous position in Monster Woo Fam ensuring them an already established fan base. The fact that the group has already been involved in previous hip hop groups and their strong composition abilities have also helped them to gain attention. Their debut song “Take A Shot” has lived up to fans’ high expectations.

Source: TV Report