Rookie girl group TWICE to debut with an exciting “OOH-AHH”

Upcoming rookie girl group TWICE is all set to debut as they continue to drop teasers after teasers, unveiling their title track as “OOH-AHH.”

On October 9th, the girl group revealed the members might as well all be visuals in their group photo as the young girls look gorgeous as they pose for the photographer in an enclosed space. With a festive mood, the girls smile brightly.

The full tracklist was published on the 10th which was accompanied by the complete lyrics of each tracks as well as the masterminds behind them. As no JYP Entertainment artist is never without a J.Y. Park produced track, the tracklist reveals the song “Do It Again” as track #2.

Fans who followed the trainee competition program that created TWICE may remember this song as both the Minor and Major team performed it at the finale of SIXTEEN. Track #3 is also one previously performed on the show, “I Think I’m Crazy.”

Other songs include “Truth,” “Candy Boy,” and “Like A Fool.”

Look forward to their debut mini-album to be released on October 20th at midnight KST!

TWICE's Official Facebook / JYP Entertainment
TWICE’s Official Facebook / JYP Entertainment

Source: JYPE Twice