Rookie group CLC charms fans with behind the scenes video for “Pepe”

Cube Entertainment‘s newest rookie group CrystaL Clear (CLC) demonstrates their lovable charm and bright personalities in the “making of” video for their debut track “Pepe.”

The video features a behind the scenes look at the colorful music video. It also gives a look at the unique “perspective” rotating stage that was used to create an optical illusion of the members hanging from the walls and sitting on the ceiling. In addition, each member talks to the camera about their experience during the music video shoot and the excitement for their debut.

With the unedited look at their filming, fans noticed CLC’s tight execution of their lovable choreography and have even asked, “When are they releasing the dance version?”

CLC debuted on March 19th with “Pepe” and have since received positive responses and garnered a fan base that continues to grow. The group’s debut was highly anticipated as a multinational group with their Thai member, Sorn, and attracted attention prior to their debut with non-profit street performances to benefit children with disabilities.

Check out their behind the scenes video below!