Rookie group LABOUM joins Instagram

On February 7th, rookie group LABOUM joined Instagram with an account that is shared among all six members. 

In just a couple days since they created the account, the group has already uploaded over a dozen short video clips of the members, as well as a couple of cute pictures. Some videos feature the girls hanging out together, practicing their singing, and eating food.

So far, LABOUM only has about 1000 followers, but that number is sure to grow with the amount of cute video clips they have been uploading and as they gain more fans through their group activities.

LABOUM recently made a comeback in November with “What About You” after they made a strong debut last year with “Pit a Pat.” The group has been praised for their unique concepts, and their short and cute videos on Instagram are equally as unique and entertaining.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to follow LABOUM on Instagram at @officiallaboum. You can check out some of LABOUM’s cute Instagram videos below!

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