Rookie group Seventeen announces April debut with 13 members

Pledis Entertainment‘s rookie boy group, Seventeen, has announced their plans to debut this upcoming April with a lineup of 13 members.

Seventeen will be Pledis Entertainment’s new global boy group, among the agency’s other artists including After School, Son Dam Bi, Orange Caramel, and NU’EST.

Although the group’s name represents their original debut team of 17 members in 2012, the group has slimmed down to 13 members for the upcoming debut after their two years of training.

From 2012 to 2014, Seventeen’s training sessions and daily life had been broadcast on the program Seventeen TV, where they have already gained an impressive number of followers. Although they have yet to debut, the group already has an international fan base in Thailand, Japan, and China through the show and some minor group appearances.

With their already-established fans across Asia, Pledis Entertainment has revealed their plans to launch Seventeen in South Korea, China, as well as Japan once they make their official debut. There is also a possibility that the group will be divided into three units, with individual activities in the three countries. A representative has stated that the group is currently in the process of finding the right concept and promotional plans for their debut.

With a mix of Korean, Chinese, and English-speaking members, and a loyal international fan base, Seventeen may be ready to take the K-Pop market by storm this April!

Source: Star News