Rookie hip-hop duo 1PUNCH releases jacket image to debut single, “The Anthem”

With the video teaser to their track “Nightmare” published to the public, upcoming rookie and hip-hop duo 1PUNCH has unveiled the jacket cover to their debut single, “The Anthem.”

The jacket cover features various shades of purple as its theme in the form of a cassette tape, hinting at the duo’s 90s music genre with the parental warning sticker reading, “Parental recommend explicit 90’s.” 1PUNCH is a specially created team produced in a collaboration between Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment. 

Their intro video teaser “Nightmare” revealed 1PUNCH’s 90s hip-hop sound, which will make any listeners feel nostalgia. Other tracks on the single includes the title track “Put It Back” and “ICE ICE.” The duo will be releasing their debut single on January 23rd at midnight KST.

#1PUNCH 의1st Single "The Anthem" 앨범의 사전 예약 판매가 시작되었습니다. 자세한 사항은 공식 팬카페를 통해 확인 해 주세요! #원펀치

Posted by 사무엘 – Samuel on Tuesday, January 20, 2015