Roy Kim indulges in junk food for Grazia Magazine photoshoot

From pizza to ice cream, Roy Kim searches up and down shelves to find some junk food to satisfy his taste buds in his most recent photoshoot for Grazia Magazine.

Roy Kim takes a break from the popular dressed up photo shoots and makes an attempt to stand out while wearing lounge clothes and fuzzy socks. Whether it is an over sized sweater or a robe, Roy Kim manages to create a pictorial showing off a laid back atmosphere.

In each of the photos he is seen eating a different type of junk food in a cozy position. Roy Kim is even found climbing into his closet to look for more food to munch on. His pictorial attempts to resemble what people would do on a lazy weekend when they don’t feel like getting out of the house. The sunlight from outside appears to be nothing more than a foreign object as Roy Kim either shuts his shades or squints his eyes while clutching to a bag of Cheeze-Its.

In a brief interview, Roy Kim spoke about his first visit to Rome and Barcelona, and said that he had an unwavering passion and love for music.




Source: Herald Pop, KMagazineLovers