Roy Kim plays with bubbles in the latest issue of “Sure” magazine

Roy Kim blows a few bubbles out of boredom in his latest pictorial for Sure magazine.

Solo singer Roy Kim takes a break from his fast paced life as a singer and song writer to sit down for a while and do some thinking to himself. He sits down on a table top, holding his composition papers in his hands but letting his mind wander off.

On what seems to be a quiet and humdrum afternoon, Roy Kim sits down and daydreams while staring off into the distance. To enhance the theme, the singer wears dark grey clothes throughout the entire photo shoot.

Moving to a chair, Roy Kim decides to keep in touch with his younger self and pulls out a small container to blow bubbles around him. He stares at the bubbles with a face full of nostalgia and wonder.

In recent news, Roy Kim also took part in a photo shoot for Grazia magazine where he also posed nonchalantly for the camera.

Roy Kim for Sure Magazine

Roy Kim for Sure Magazine

Source: Sports Kahn, KMagazineLovers