[★TRENDING] Roy Kim’s agency expresses absurdity against “Spring Spring Spring” plagiarism lawsuit

Since Roy Kim‘s plagiarism accusation of his hit song, “Spring Spring Spring”, over a year ago, another lawsuit has been brought against him by producer Kim Hyung Yong and processed on the 8th.

Back in April 2013 around the time of Roy Kim’s release of his hit song, “Spring Spring Spring”, the solo artist was accused of plagiarizing Acoustic Rain‘s “Love is Canon”. Although that accusation and controversy was soon passed and forgotten about, Roy Kim has once again been swept into a second plagiarism accusation.

In August of 2013, producer Kim Hyung Yong stated that “Spring Spring Spring” sounded eerily similar to his own song, “Within the Lord’s Landscape”. The producer recently refiled for the lawsuit against Roy Kim’s agency in which the process has been finalized on December 8th.

Kim Hyung Yong announced to OSEN on the 8th, “After Roy Kim’s ‘Spring Spring Spring’ was released, I had suspicions of plagiarism [of my own song] so I downloaded the sheet music. Although my track was never publicly released, we had confirmed that [Roy Kim’s song] was a song that had the exact same melody as my own track that was created in July of 2012.”

The producer continued, “We have proven this through court after submitting the e-mails and files I have sent to the producer. After legal examinations, we were able to open up a lawsuit. The copyright association is currently undergoing an appraisal.”

In response to Kim Hyung Yong’s lawsuit, Roy Kim’s agency, CJ E&M, expressed their stance stating the case was absurd. A CJ E&M representative revealed, “The song of the producer who has filed the lawsuit was never even submitted into the Korean Music Copyright Association, nor was it ever announced or released. He is asserting nonsense that his sheet music was leaked and was therefore plagiarized off of. We are currently responding accordingly and appropriately through our attorney; we are looking forward to rational results from the court.

The agency added, “We have come to the conclusion that Kim Hyung Yong is only filing this lawsuit in order to bring some issue and attention to himself and we plan on responding strongly with another case for his distribution of false rumors and false facts.”

Source: OSEN