[★RUMOR] Former fansite admin releases emails with Sungmin prior to news of his relationship

A Super Junior fansite ex-administrator revealed that she knew of Sungmin’s relationship prior to the public announcement and expressed her unhappiness with his quick decision to get married.

Although nothing has been confirmed regarding whether or not the Twitter user @vuttercup2 had actually exchanged emails with the star, she released a series of tweets denouncing the Super Junior member and the impact that his decision had on the group as a whole.

Netizens have had mixed reactions as some sided with her after feeling very betrayed by Sungmin’s actions while other’s have called her a slanderer and asked that she be reported.

She revealed that although she knew about the relationship, she kept quiet about the relationship out of respect for the member. However, she felt his quick announcement about his marriage was bad timing as it cut short Super Junior’s comeback. In addition, she revealed that staff and band members had begged Sungmin to push back the wedding date.

In addition, she accused Sungmin of cutting short the repackaging of the newest album and cited him as the reason Super Junior did not attend many end-of-the-year awards ceremonies. She also spoke of how Sungmin went on with the marriage although half of the group opposed his decision. Furthermore, he was very rude to his members at his wedding, not allowing them to eat, and even said that Sungmin thought his Japanese fans would stand with him although he was unsure about his Korean and Chinese fans.

Fan’s are questioning the validity of this account because she revealed that Sungmin had asked for her email to which he only sent a short message. She then posted a long letter that she sent to the member although she has yet to receive a reply.

In short, her email to Sungmin read:

I didn’t want to write to you, but I hope that by writing this, I you can understand why I am feeling this way. I hope maybe you’ll finish reading it this time.

You told me you wanted to meet face to face to apologize so I’ll wait for you. But before you do, I hope you would seriously think again, and think once more. If you thought about it a hundred times and mad this decision, think ten thousand times more, ask yourself again, ask your members again, ask your sunbaes again, and ask the fans if you get a chance before thinking again. After that, handwrite a letter to your fans, make a video or an audio recording to apologize to your fans. 

I will push our responsibility as [understanding] fans away for now because I want you to wait the same way that fans did for you. 

It reminds me of Lee Sora’s song lyrics “If we write down different memories (if we remember memories differently from Lee Sora’s “The Wind Blows”).” I hope that our memories are the same as yours. I hope they are not different. During your work, I hope you have put your fans first at least once. I hope that all that we have predicted are simply predictions. 

I hope you feel at least a little bit of my sincerity through this letter. 

Winter is coming. It’s cold so dress warmly and don’t fall ill. She can get sick but you cannot. Even if you fall ill, fall ill because of your fans, because of your Super Junior members. 

This is the reality that I believe in as I leave you [with these words].

Fans on Twitter have called for the user to be disabled and reported for spreading malicious rumors about the member. A second account @vuttercup2_eng was created to translate her tweets to English. Both accounts have received much backlash and the original account can no longer be found on Twitter.

Sungmin’s marriage was announced shortly after he was reported to be in a relationship with Kim Sa Eun much to the surprise of fans and the public. A majority of fans seemed to be very happy for the member’s newfound happiness, trending “#BeHappySungmin” and “#HappyWeddingSungmin” on Twitter on his wedding day, although some fans still seem to be upset about the manner in which his relationship was announced.

Recently, Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun sent their New Year’s greetings and also released beautiful photos from their honeymoon in the Maldives.

Source: Instiz