“Running Man” PD praises BIGBANG for their respectful yet competitive nature

Coming back to the program after three years, BIGBANG receives a positive comment from a Running Man PD. 

On May 25th, BIGBANG joined the regular cast of the program as they filmed for an episode set in Inje, Gangwondo. The appearance was their first appearance as a group after their last episode back in 2012.

According to Lim Hyoung Taek, Running Man PD, “I did not realise how competitive the members can be. We assumed they would talk more but they showed much interest for the missions.” When asked about the interactions between the cast members and the group, it was also revealed that they treated each other respectfully, further earning praise for acing the missions.

In particular, T.O.P stood out and continued the task despite a substitution during the task was allowed, while Daesung was complimented for his charms, similar to the vibe he showed on Family Outing. 

Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s episode is set to focus on a fictional time slip concept and is scheduled for broadcast on June 7th.

Source: Newsen