Ryeowook thanks fans as he celebrates his third year on “Kiss The Radio”

Super Junior’s Ryeowook celebrates his 3rd year anniversary as host on KBS2 FM’s Super Junior Kiss the Radio, or Sukira, as it has been affectionately nicknamed by fans.

Ryeowook uploaded a message to his fans on his Twitter on December 4th, expressing his gratitude and thanks in the following tweet, “Thank you for the three years ^^ Unfortunately it’s not a live broadcast today but please tune in. Ke. Let’s go for a fourth year as well!!! The person who checked my passport just then told me they were an avid listener of Kiss The Radio and it made me feel really good~ I’ll have a good trip to Japan ><“, along with a candid photo of him with a cake carrying three lit candles.

Ryeowook has been a DJ on Kiss The Radio since 2011, and has helped to maintain its name as one of the most popular Korean radio shows. This, while Ryeowook’s ability as a radio DJ is quite exceptional, can also be accredited to the fact that it has the ability to naturally bring out the humor and never-before-seen sides to its guests.

Over the years, Kiss The Radio has hosted many well-known guests, and has also acted as the platform for many unforgettable moments. These moments have included guessing the EXO members’ tushes, Siwon confessing his love for skinship, EXO’s fans shutting down the servers before their album was even released, and Ryeowook’s message to fans prior to the announcement of fellow member Sungmin‘s marriage.

On a more positive note, Ryeowook has recently celebrated his 10,000th day since birth as well as Super Junior’s 9th anniversary, making the Twitterverse go crazy as fans immediately trended #9yearswithSuperJunior worldwide for over 16 hours!