Same Outfit, Different Feeling: Who Wore It Better, Song Joong Ki Vs Lee Jong Suk?

Two of the most coveted faces in South Korea found themselves wearing the same style, but giving off a different aura. 

In the battle of charming visuals and trendy styles, actors Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk found themselves in the battle of the handsome stars in the same outfit. In the post featured by Dispatch on June 5th, Song Joong Ki and Lee Jong Suk showed off their immense charms in a similar suit by international luxury brand, Dior. 

The outfit was navy suit with vertically stripes and checked shirt underneath.  Song Joong Ki was first spotted wearing the brand as he made his way to Hong Kong for its collection presentation last April, while Lee Jong Sk was seen wearing it for the cover of GQ magazine’s June issue in China.

Although the two actors wore the same brand and styling, some cannot help but compare the charm each style portrayed. Song Joong Ki was dubbed wih the “big boss” look as he wore the ensemble at an airport and completed it with glossy black loafters and black bag, Lee Jong Suk, on the other hand, portrayed a more casual, “modelesque” approach and wore the ensemble with open button jackets, no socks so it exposes his ankles.

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Source: Dispatch