San E comments on his uncanny resemblance to oldest Korean ancestor

San E is gaining attention for his remarkable resemblance to the oldest Korean ancestor discovered! The artist took to SNS to argue that he did not look like the ancestor, but later relented after netizen jokes. 

With the recent discovery of what is now believed to be the depiction of what the oldest Korean ancestors looked like, reporters and netizens are comparing the discovery to San E!

The uncanny resemblance is with the face and smile, as San E’s cute and adorable look is a very unique one! San E took to SNS playfully telling fans and netizens, “Let’s Fight!” denying the resemblance. He then uploaded another photo of him and the artifact to Instagram, with a joking comment saying, “EHEM! The oldest Korean ancestor is now in Gangnam University” drawing laughter from his adoring fans and netizens alike.

에헴! 가장 오래된 한국인 조상님 #강남대 오셨다아~

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Source: FN News