San E leaves a dark message for haters in “#LuvUHater” MV

After teasing with a short video teaser, San E has dropped the official music video for his comeback title track “#LuvUHater.”

The full music video follows the same dark and intense mood established in the teaser as San E delivers a brutally honest rap with his newest song.

“#LuvUHater” comes with a dark music video as a mysterious figure in a suit dons a brown paper bag with tens of eyes drawn on it. Additionally, its hands are gloved with what appear to be bandages and long nails. San E is tied to a chair as hte figure sees to taunt him with dances and gestures.

With a bottle of alcohol in hand, San E struggles in a setting covered with a white blanket. The consistent rhythmic percussion in the background creates a countdown type of beat, building up to a terrifying cliffhanger ending.

The track is the first to be released off the rapper’s upcoming first album titled Shepherd Boy.

Check out the music video here: