San E and Raina release “A Midwinter Night’s Sweetness”

Following the success of their duet, “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness,” San E and Raina have re-released the track for the winter season as “A Midwinter Night’s Sweetness.”

Released through BrandNew Music’s official SoundCloud page, the wintery track utilizes different lyrics but stays true to the original tune and melody. It begins with the original line before a skit-like interruption and approval by San E and Raina transitions the song into its new life.

The re-release of the song becomes wintery not only with the use of the new lyrics but also some changes in the background track. Listeners can now hear the light, wintery sound of sleigh bells as Raina softly sings. Perhaps another holiday touch, the keyboard synth also carries a mildly jazzier feel.

The two artists surely display their great chemistry through this relaxing and laid-back collaboration, ending the recording by wishing fans a merry Christmas and happy New Year. The fun remake of the track has received positive attention from fans who enjoy both versions of the sweet duet.

Malhada artist Hong Yuna similarly gave the light summer track a fresh winter feel with her rendition as well:

Check out the re-release of the track here: