San E schools kids in math lesson with the power of rap

What better way than to learn some mathematics in the form of rap? On the recent episode of JTBC‘s Off To School, genius rapper San E did just that.

Going to the head of the class, he proceeds to rap, “Yo, you know the complex conjugate? Multiply. Right?”


Then sings the trendy EXID line from their track “Up & Down,” “Up, down, up, up, down (wi arae, wi wi arae)” to further explain how to solve the math problem.


“Living flow mathematical description. Multiple. A mathematical page filled with flows. If you take it apart, it’s really just simple calculations. 22 WOW! ‘i’. Give it up, make some noise.” 

And there is San E’s “Rap-mathematics”…”Rap-matics?”

Watch the full thing below: