[★TRENDING] Sasaeng stalks Girls’ Generation’s Yoona using stolen staff security card

A sasaeng discovered for stealing a staff security card to stalk Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona has been going viral in Korea. As of May 27th, according to a report on Weibo, it mentioned that a sasaeng has stalked Yoona on multiple occasions.

According to the retweets on Weibo, the sasaeng stole a security card to enter backstage and followed Yoona around to take pictures at the press conference. Previously, the sasaeng also acted as a security guard protecting Yoona at the airport as well as placed her hands on Yoona’s back and pushed the manager away in order to stay closer to Yoona.

In a more recent occasion, the sasaeng stole an employee’s card from the crew so that she can hang around and take pictures of the idol during filming.

The alleged sasaeng has been posting photos of Yoona after each occasions on Weibo.

Source: Weibo