SBS Inkigayo performances for October 26th

The latest episode of SBS Inkigayo aired on October 26th and featured memorable performances for you to watch over and over again. Check out this week’s Inkigayo performances below!

This week’s episode featured several long-awaited comebacks, including Epik High with “Happen Ending”, Super Junior with “This is Love”, and BEAST with “12:30”. Meanwhile, VIXX grabbed another #1 win with “Error”!

Other performances included Almeng, B.I.G, Boyfriend, BTS, BTOB, MINX, Nam Young Joo, Purfles, Raina, S, Song Jieun, Strawberry Milk, and The Boss.

Check out this week’s performances below!

Almeng – “Phone in Love”

BEAST – “12:30”

B.I.G – “Are You Ready?”

BTOB – “You’re So Fly”

BTS – “War of Hormone”

Boyfriend – “Witch”

Epik High – “Happen Ending”

MINX – “Why Did You Come To My House”

Nam Young Joo – “Fragile and Kind”

Raina – “You End and Me”

Purfles – “123”

S – “Without You”

Song Jieun – “25”

Strawberry Milk – “OK”

Super Junior – “This is Love” + “Evanesce”

The Boss – “Rilla Go”

VIXX – “Error”