[★VIDEO] SBS’s “Running Man – 2015 Cooking Showdown” crowns its new winners

Continuing its “Cooking Showdown” episode with Part 2 on February 22nd, a new team was crowned as Running Man‘s chefs after presenting their delicious meals. 

For its 235th episode, Running Man continued its two part episode as each team strived to make the best Lunar New Year’s meal. The cast and guests were divided as followed: Yoo Jae Suk – Yeon Jung Hoon, Gary – Kim Sung Ryung, Haha – S.E.S Shoo, Ji Suk Jin – Yoo Sun, Kim Jong Kook – Seo Woo, Lee Kwang Soo – miss A Fei, Song Ji Hyo – 2PM Taecyeon.

Celebrity food judges consisted of Nam Sung Reol, Park Sung Hun, Shin Hyo Seob, and Heo Hyuk Goo.

After going through each team meals, the judges deemed the Lee Kwang Soo – Fei and Kim Jong Kook – Seo Woo team as the TOP2 contenders for the win. In the end, the Kim Jong Kook – Seo Woo team took home the win for 2015. Kim Jong Kook said, “I didn’t expect this, really, thank you very much,” while Seo Woo said, “I’m really grateful to all the staff.” 

This is Kim Jong Kook’s second year in a row to win a “Cooking Showdown” episode, winning last year with his partner and model Song Kyung Ah.

Source: OSEN