After School members “Shine” in new PV for upcoming “Best” Japanese album

After releasing several teaser stills, Pledis Entertainment‘s girl group After School finally released the PV for their latest Japanese release, “Shine.”

The promotional video for the song is visually stunning, featuring the powerful image of fireworks shining alongside the beautiful group members. Working with a track that discusses overcoming obstacles to live life to its fullest, the video is truly a work of art.

In the music video, the girls start off individually playing with their own sparklers and eventually move on to stand in front of what appears to be a beautiful wall of falling fireworks. Slow motion cuts of the stunning lights really carry through the message of their song. The video features eight members of After School, including former member Jooyeon, who recently graduated from the group.

The Pledis Entertainment group released the music video for “SHINE” as part of their upcoming album release AFTERSCHOOL BEST in Japan, which will take place in Japan on March 18th. The album will include their hit tracks “Bang!,” “Diva,” “Lady Luck,” “Because of You,” and more.

Make sure to check out the PV for After School’s “Shine” below!