After School shares “SHINE” stills for Lizzy and Kaeun

On February 3rd, After School has unveiled two additional stills from “SHINE” for members Kaeun and Lizzy.

The music video teasers have been released for other members such as Jooyeon, Raina, and Jungah to get fans excited for their upcoming album release AFTERSCHOOL BEST in Japan.

Just as in the teasers for Jooyeon and Jungah, the stills for Kaeun and Lizzy have a dreamy aura, showing a juxtaposition between a warm and hazy sunset and the fading glow of a sparkler.

The best-of album will be released in Japan on March 18th and will include their hit tracks “Bang!,” “Diva,” “Lady Luck,” “Because of You” and more.

Check out the teasers here: