After School’s Jungah yearns for a group comeback on Instagram

After School member Jungah reminisced over her group’s past music promotions and shared her yearning to return to the stage on a recent Instagram post.

Posted on July 22nd, Jungah posted a photo of After School on the set of their “Flashback” photoshoot and wrote, “Our After School needs a comeback as well~ Every night, Lizzy sends me concert videos heuheu we fall asleep like that.. ^^ we’re pretty cool hee hee ☺️☺️☺️☺️ #AfterSchool #Comeback.”

And fans are completely agreeing with her post as well as they commented, “Comeback After School <3,” “Comeback soon please,” “I want a comeback unnie, please.”

After School last released the single First Love in June 2013 and since then, has seen a change in their lineup with the leave of 1st generation lineup member Jooyeon following her contract expiration with Pledis Entertainment.

Currently, Pledis Entertainment’s new male idol group SEVENTEEN is promoting.

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