After School’s Lizzy reveals jacket cover for 1st solo digital single

After School Lizzy is gearing up for her solo activities as a trot singer, revealing the jacket cover to her upcoming digital single, “I’m Not An Easy Woman” on January 19th. 

Her agency, Pledis Entertainment, revealed the jacket image via various SNS portals, including the group’s After School page and website. Lizzy’s bright young face takes up the single’s cover as she props her chin on her hand, her arm resting on the back of a chair. With straight black hair and fringes, the singer is simply made up with light makeup and eye shadow and liner.

Lizzy will be releasing her first digital single “I’m Not An Easy Woman,” a trot single that will feature Jung Hyung Don, a Korean entertainer and comedian, making many anticipate their stage collaboration.

While the single is not set to be released until January 23rd, Lizzy will be taking up her first stage on Mnet M! Countdown on the 22nd.

[LIZZY NEWS] 2015. 01. 23 (FRI) PM12:00(KST)리지(LIZZY) The 1st Digital Single ‘쉬운 여자 아니에요’#리지 #LIZZY #쉬운_여자_아니에요#22일_엠카첫방

Posted by 애프터스쿨 Afterschool on Monday, January 19, 2015

Source: News Korea