After School’s Lizzy reveals she’s jealous of Secret Hyosung’s voluptuous body

After School’s Lizzy has voiced out her jealous of SECRET Hyosung’s voluptuous body on a recent episode of KBS’s Dream Team – Season 2.

The latest episode of Dream Team aired on December 21st and featured various girl group members competing against one another.

In one segment of the show, the MC asked Lizzy, “What is SECRET’s charms?”, to which she honestly answered, “Her [Hyosung’s] body is extremely glamorous, so when you see her dance the moves seem even more sensual.”

Following her statement, Hyosung demonstrated a sexy dance, creating a warm atmosphere at her impromptu dance.

Girl group members who guested on the show included Secret’s Hyosung, Hana, and Jieun, After School’s Raina, and Ka Eun, miss A’s Min and Fei, Baek A Yeon, Dal Shabet’s Serri, Ji Yul, and Ga Eun, Crayon Pop’s Ellin, Geummi, and Soyul, and BESTie’s Hyeyeon, UJi, and Dahye.

Source: Newsen

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