After School’s Lizzy shares her passion for WWE on Instagram

With WWE‘s annual Wrestlemania event being held on March 29th in Santa Clara, California, After School‘s Lizzy shared her excitement for the event through her Instagram account. 

The singer shared a promotional poster for the much-anticipated match between wrestlers Sting and Triple H, which is slotted as the fourth of nine matches in sports entertainment’s largest event of the year. In addition to the picture, the singer also attached a caption, which read, “Wow Sting is so old but I just found out.

Since posting the picture on her Instagram account, Lizzy has received a lot of positive responses from fans, who have expressed their excitement upon discovering the singer’s hobby. Several of her followers also revealed that they share an interest in WWE, and left comments such as “Haha wwe fan here too ^^,” “I’m a fan of wwe too love you❤️❤️❤️,” and “Wow!!! I’m surprised that u r wrestling fan. Love u Lizzy <3.

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