After School’s Nana shows off her beautiful hair with “Cordajour” hair products

On January 20th, After School released several photos of advertisements for Cordajour hair products featuring member Nana

Having been named TC Candler‘s Most Beautiful Face of 2014,” Nana is definitely known for her incredible facial features; however, her face is definitely not the only thing beautiful about the idol. In promotional photos for Japanese hair product brand Cordajour, the singer showed off her beautiful straight hair, which she matched with a simple white dress. The singer shows off her famous good looks in promotional photos that feature her in front of both dark and light backgrounds, proving she’s beautiful in any light.

Nana has been known to work with Cordajour, having shot CFs with the brand in the past. The singer, who is part of both After School and sub-unit Orange Caramel, is known for her world-class beauty and has participated in many pictorials and photoshoots.

Make sure to check out the beautiful promotional photos with Nana and Cordajour hair products below!

【Nana × コルダジュール】コラボグラフィック

Posted by Afterschool on Monday, January 19, 2015