After School’s Uee boasts her sexy 8-figure shape in pictorial for “VEDI VERO”

Uee unveils her superior and shapely body in her latest pictorial for Italian eye wear brand VEDI VERO.

Showing off the brand’s latest sunglasses line, Uee’s charm radiates in the pictorial as she poses throughout various areas of a hotel, wearing a variant mix of mini-dresses, skinny pants, and belly shirts that show off her amazing 8-figure body shape that would make any woman jealous. In particular, the belly shirts also reveal her sexy flat stomach and abs.

An official from the brand commented, “Uee’s wholesome and healthy beauty appeals to the public, and her fashion sense and identify is expressed very well through the VEDI VERO pictorial. This [pictorial] is almost like telling the story and giving a peek of a top star’s luxurious life at a hotel.”

Currently, Uee is busy with her solo activities and schedules apart from After School, and is currently starring in the tvN drama Hogu’s Love.







Source: The Star Chosun