Season four of SBS “K-Pop Star” set to air in November

After three successful seasons of the SBS survival audition show “K-Pop Star” since its conception in 2011, it has finally been announced that it will be airing its fourth season in November.

The most anticipated audition program K-Pop Star – Season 4 is coming on the air soon. On October 27th, an SBS representative told OSEN in a phone call that the 2014 season will most likely air on November 23rd.

The program K-Pop Star is an audition program similar to that of America’s American Idol, or Korea’s own Superstar, originally featuring a representative from the TOP3 agencies in Korea, SM Entertainment (BoA), JYP Entertainment (J.Y Park/Park Jin Young), and YG Entertainment (Yang Hyun Suk). The third season featured SM Entertainment dropping out from the show and being replaced by Antenna Music (Yoo Hee Yeol). The show is one of the most successful audition program in Korea. Well-known artists that have derived from the show and accomplished a successful debut include Lee HiLee Seung HoonPark JiminBaek A YeonAkdong MusicianBernard ParkAlmeng and more.

In regards to the airing time, the SBS stated that the show will most likely start at 4:50pm KST, creating a conflict within the current SBS time table as the current variety show Roommate, which currently airs on  4:50pm KST on Sundays, seemingly will have to give up its slot to the upcoming K-Pop Star airing.