SECRET and Untouchable support SONAMOO on their debut stage

SONAMOO received a warm support from their fellow labelmates SECRET and Untouchable as they made their first debut stage on SBS Inkigayo today. 

On January 4th, SONAMOO continued with their debut promotions as they performed their title track “Deja Vu” on SBS Inkigayo. Supporting them backstage are fellow label mates and seniors SECRET and Untouchable, who in turn, posted the commemorative photos of their meeting.

SECRET’s Hyosung published the photos on her personal Instagram account as they held out the signed copies of SONAMOO’s debut album.

Fans who have seen her update immediately showed their support for TS Entertainment’s first idol group, touched by her gesture to her juniors.

Meanwhile, after their first round of promotions for “Deja Vu” this week, SONAMOO will continue surprising their fans with their performances on music programs next week.