Secret’s Hyosung features in “KWAVE” Fall photoshoot

Secret‘s Jun Hyosung features in the latest KWAVE October issue photo shoot. KWAVE, a K-Pop magazine organized by KBS and K-Culture, is global hallyu magazine distributed to 136 countries. 

The October’s issue of KWAVE presents the 2014 Fall makeup trend, and Hyosung allures the Fall look with brown smokey make-up. With an enticing stare, Hyosung gives off the look perfectly as she poses for the photo shoot.

In one photo, Hyosung nips at her fingers as she sits on the floor, leg propped up and arm resting on it. Wearing a large, brown woolly sweater, she will seduce you with her charismatic stare.

The next photo is simply a portrait of Hyosung, her hair pulled into a ponytail, giving viewers the perfect view of her Fall look.

What do you think about the sexy look on Jun Hyosung? Do you prefer her young girly cute look over this?

Secret Hyosung
Photo: KWAVE

Source: Osen