SECRET’s Hyosung shares cute bare face selca

On January 9th, SECRET‘s Hyosung shared a cute bare face selca with her fans through her Twitter account. 

In addition to the selca, the singer also sent a message to her fans through Twitter, writing “Now it’s becoming ten days since 2015 began, your resolutions didn’t end in just three days right? Even if that is the case, if you keep doing it throughout the year, you can persevere<3 Spend your Fridays well and hwaiting >_<//

Hyosung is known for her beautiful complexion, and this bare face selca only serves to back up her image of natural beauty. Fans praised the singer’s bare face, noting that her beauty still shined even without the use of makeup.

Hyosung’s followers left messages of praise in response to her post with comments such as “pretty without make up ♡♡♡♡♡“, “Hyosung hwatting!“, and “beauty ㅠㅠ“. Makeup definitely makes idols stand out on stage and on camera, but it’s nice to see the natural beauty of our favorite idols once in a while!

2014 International Hallyu Awards (2014IHA)
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