SECRET’s Hyosung talks about her body and a lingerie shoot on “1 vs 100”

SECRET‘s Hyosung recently appeared on popular KBS2 program 1 vs 100, and discussed her confidence in her own body. 

After making a solo comeback with “Into You,” the SECRET member revealed that she was quite confident in her own body when prompted.

On the topic of lingerie modeling, the singer said, “Before me there was Ga In, and after [me] there was Yewon. I studied how Ga In’s shots came out in the past, and even looked at Yewon’s to see how they were taken.”

The MC later asked Hyosung who she thought had the best body out of Ga In, Yewon, and herself, to which Hyosung responded, “Everyone has their own standards and tastes, but in my opinion…me,” prompting laughter from everyone.

Source: OSEN