Fans drops her phone – What Sehun did next had all the girls screaming with envy

After one random act of fan service went noticed, EXO’s Sehun got the chance to be entirely teased by it. 

On June 10th, a fan of EXO uploaded a video taken from their recent fan event, which featured Sehun getting teased not only by the members, but by the fans present.

During the session with fans for an official photo opportunity, a fan dropped her phone within the cordoned line. Sehun, however, being a gentleman, picked up the phone and returned it to the fan. The gesture earned praises from the fans who immediately got jealous of the moment, while the rest of the members teased him for it.

The members also made everyone laugh by encouraging the rest of the fans to drop their fans so they can follow the gesture too.

Meanwhile, Sehun joins the rest of EXO as they continue promotions for their latest album EX’ACT. 

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