Seo In Guk, Jang Na Ra, Park Bo Gum, and more from “I Remember You” reunite

Recently-ended Korean drama I Remember You was yet another success story for creating and maintaining close friendships among the cast members.

Starring Seo In GukJang Na Ra, and Park Bo GumI Remember You aired its final (16th) episode on August 11th. However, the main cast members gathered together again a week later along with supporting cast member Choi Won Young. A commentary session for the crime drama’s DVD production was held, where the actors and actresses actively took selfies together to commemorate their friendship.

Jang Na Ra tweeted, “Should I remember you.. or not..ha. The day we gathered together because of ‘I Remember You’ dvd. I. The dongsaengs In Guk-ie and Bo Gum-ie who are prettier than me^^”

Actor Choi Won Young who played Lee Joon Young/Lee Joon Ho also tweeted, “Dvd commentary. The day we revealed secrets from the drama~ Saying hello with Bo Gum’s selca stick which looks like a sword* Here’s a photo!”

Lastly, Park Bo Gum, who played Seo In Guk’s younger brother, tweeted, “#IRememberYou With hyung.♡