Seo Taiji shares adorable photo of his baby girl

Five months after welcoming his first daughter into the world, Seo Taiji has shared photos with the public of his adorable child.

The legendary singer writes on February 2nd via Facebook, “Who is this girl~”, posting a photo of his little girl cutely smiling in glee at the camera, a mouse cap keeping her head warm.  The resemblance between father and daughter can also clearly be seen, as the two possess similar facial features.

Fans who saw the photo left comments such as, “She’s so cute,” “She has your smile,” “Who does she look like more?” and others.

Seo Taiji and his wife, actress Lee Eun Sung, have been together for three years, getting married in June 2013, and finally having their first child together in August 2014.

Source: Sports Seoul