SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Was The Fuel To DK’s Fire When They Were Trainees

“Seungkwan really helped me stick it out.”

During a recent “LieV” broadcast, featuring SEVENTEEN members lying around in PJs, DK revealed that Seungkwan kept him going strong, ever since he was a trainee who was so close to giving up.


DK commented, “For the first two weeks (since entering the agency as a trainee), it was hard.” He shared that he thought of quitting and leaving too, like a lot of the other trainees were doing.


It was Seungkwan, however, who drove DK to grit his teeth and pull through.

Seungkwan really helped me stick it out though.

— DK


And while Carats expected to hear about Seungkwan being a supportive brother to DK, here is how Seungkwan actually made DK stay:

Seungkwan really got on my nerves back then. Like, when I was heading back after practice, he would look at me and say, ‘Oh… you’re leaving…?’ and stuff. Yeah, he made me feel like I’m not trying enough.

— DK


DK admitted that at the time, trainee-Seungkwan never meant any harm and trainee-DK knew so too. It did, however, fuel DK to grow more diligent in a way.

Back then, that’s how I felt. I mean, it was a long time ago. But it did spark fire in my heart. I thought to myself, ‘Oh I can’t quit now. I have to stay and beat this kid.’ That was how he became my motivation. And eventually, I grew thankful for Seungkwan.

— DK


Seungkwan also explained that he never, ever intended to make DK feel uncomfortable in any way!

I have no idea why I did that to you…! But I have never in my life intended to make you feel bad for leaving practice or anything. I’m pretty sure I meant to be playful.

— Seungkwan


Fortunately for all Carats, this strange fuel-fire relationship that Seungkwan and DK had as trainees ultimately led them to success. Now, as a globally renowned K-Pop group, SEVENTEEN’s DK and Seungkwan are inseparable brothers. And they can laugh about their past on a live broadcast — for that, Carats are grateful.


Watch the full broadcast here: