SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Went From 18 To 22 Without Aging At All

Time doesn’t affect him.

SEVENTEEN‘s teasers for “An Ode” album has been dropping Carat hearts around the world.


While mesmerizing all the fans, the teaser also ended up shining light on how Vernon‘s beauty has been so well preserved since his teenage days!


Watching this close-up of his face in the music video teaser made Carat’s realize…


… that they’ve seen this angle before four years ago!


Vernon in 2015’s “Mansae”, at 18 years old, was a precious little thing…


… and Vernon in 2019’s “Fear”, at 22 years old, looks exactly the same – if not better!


Carats are amazed at how the years haven’t affected Vernon’s A+ visual game…


… and can’t wait to see more of him in the upcoming music video and promotions!


Watch the full trailer here:

Source: THEQOO