Shaman prophecy ends an idol relationship with a twist

On a recent variety show, it was revealed that a shaman’s prophecy ended a relationship between two celebrities – but not for the reason you would think.

Netizens have recently become captivated by a retelling of a ruined celebrity relationship. As reported on the show Brave Journalist, an Actor A and Actress B worked together often and appeared to be very close to each other. Although insiders provided no confirmation, the respective managers had supposedly disclosed that to reporters that they were dating but asked them to keep it quiet.

At a production conference, a journalist who knew they were dating asked about how A and B worked together – a commonly asked question that typically elicits positive responses. However, to the surprise of many, Actress B answered with a dark face, “Well, I learned a lot..I learned a lot.

With this response, they speculated that the couple had broken up. What’s shocking though, is the reason behind the split.

Although they had indeed been in a relationship, there was hardly any skinship. B asked A, “Why don’t we have skinship? Are we really dating?“. A answered, “We’re still on good terms without it. I like a relationship like this.” However, B did not take this answer well and went to a shaman for help.

The shaman gave a shocking conclusion: “He’s gay!

While A and B were on a date, B shared her findings from the shaman, asking, “I met unnie and she said you’re gay! I was really upset so I had a big fight with her and left. Do you think it makes sense?!” Yet instead of a speedy denial, A could only apologize. With this, the couple was broken up due to B’s frustration and shock.

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Source: Instiz