Shannon, Giriboy, and Vasco share group photo for “Breath”

Following the announcement of the three artists’ upcoming collaboration, Shannon, Giriboy, and Vasco have shared another group photo to get fans excited for their soon to be released track, “Breath.”

Unlike the previous black and white photo, this group photo is taken in full color. Showing the three individuals reclining in a comfortable sofa, the shot shows the three put on serious expressions while facing the camera. Their dark, black and gray outfits also exude a solemn feel, perhaps a hint towards the mood of their track, “Breath.”

The release of this photo also notified fans that the official teaser for the collaboration track will be released on December 22nd. A work of Duble Sidekick, the track is said to have a hip hop foundation with acoustic pop-ballad elements. The lyrics will spin a story of love and parting, showing the pain through the artists’ moving vocals and strong rap.

“Breath” is set to be released sometime between December 24th and 26th so stay tuned for more details.

Source: bnt news

Check out the photo here: