Shannon to release “Breath” in collaboration with Giriboy and Vasco

Rising star Shannon has revealed that she will be collaborating with hip hop artists Giriboy and Vasco.On December 10th, Shannon posted a black and white picture of her, Giriboy and Vasco, announcing their collaboration to the world. In the photo, the three stars are seen making funny grimaces which shows their dorky and playful personalities.

The track is titled “Breath” and is said to have a totally different style from her debut track “Daybreak Rain,” as this one displays a more hip hop feel. It was also written by hit maker Duble Sidekick which has fans anticipating the track even more.

Shannon made a successful debut on Hidden Singer 3 with her song “Daybreak Rain” on November 29th. She also recently held her first live concert, showcasing her musical abilities and impressing many fans.

“Breath,” which looks to give off a fresh new feel is set to be released sometime between December 24th and 26th, making it a nice christmas gift to Shannon’s, Giriboy’s and Vasco’s fans. The track evokes great expectations because of the amazing skill set of the three artists.

Source: Top Star News