Shannon, Vasco, and Giriboy reveal video teaser for “Breath”

Following the trio’s various color and monochrome image teasers, Shannon, Vasco, and Giriboy have finally dropped the official video teaser for their upcoming track, “Breath.”

The video teaser plays on a motif of cameras as the artists’ names and release date are shown with a sound effect of a camera’s flashing. Opening with a colorful orchestral background of strings and piano, the song seems to embody the winter chill with a melancholy tone. Viewers get a glimpse of the recording process as string musicians are seated behind Shannon, Vasco, and Giriboy.

Although the video teaser is only a minute long, fans have already expressed their excitement upon hearing the emotional rap and vocals that the artists have teased. The video teaser ends with the closing of a door and Shannon’s light vocals, leaving listeners in anticipation for what the full track will bring.

In related news, Shannon recently debuted with “Daybreak Rain” and Giriboy featured with Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah in 2LSON’s latest track, “The End.”

The track is set for a December 26th release.

Check out the teaser for their collaboration track here: