Shin Hae Chul’s family members to pursue medical malpractice lawsuit against hospital

On October 30th, the family members of Shin Hae Chul released their official statement regarding his death.  They stated that they would be pursuing a lawsuit against the hospital, for their alleged medical malpractice.

According to the relatives of Shin Hae chul, he received additional surgery without adequate explanation while undergoing his initial enteroplasty surgery.

Kim Hyungul, the representative for the family members had this to say:

“We heard from the doctors that he received stomach reduction surgery which we hadn’t been notified of before. It has been said that Shin Hae Chul himself voiced objection to the doctor regarding the non-consented surgery.”

The family members are claiming that although Shin Hae Chul went through pain and high fever after his surgery, the treatment by the hospital regarding Shin Hae Chul’s health was lacking.

Kim Hyungul:

“We believe that correct treatment and prescription wasn’t exercised after his surgery, when he was in pain with high fever.  The person who was previously healthy died five days after surgery. Of course we have to question the incorrect judgment of the hospital, and whether they should be responsible for his death.”

The family members are seeking responsibility from the hospital for the alleged mistreatment.

Regarding the family members’ statements, the hospital also released their own statement as well.

Hospital law representative:

“I am responsible for this case, but I am unable to confirm all of these claims. If they manage to use the court of law, we must also respond as well.”

Regarding the autopsy of the body, the family members stated that there won’t be any problems since there are already records from Hyundai Asan hospital.

The family members are expected to release their official statement regarding the matter tomorrow morning with their thanks to everyone who has sent their condolences.

Source: SBS